Manufacturing management, Cost management, Sales management...
The ERP package for the manufacturing, with customization, Sales, Implementation consulting and support service.

Follow-up Service

AMMIC keeps improving along with our customers.

After the go-live, we offer maintenance support contract for continuous user support
For  follow-up support, you can rely on our product specialists to address your concerns.

As long as the customers keep using, AMMIC will never end up the support for the old version.

Maintenance support

Regarding the system installation or the questions regarding the use of our product, you may get in touch with us via telephone, emailor fax.

If necessary, operation service such as deletion and backup of the past data are supported.

Version up

System and documents for the version up will be provided.
In the version up, more satisfied and more easy-to-use functions are implemented.

The functional confirmation and necessary modification, due to server update, and OS or middleware version up can be done as paid service.