Manufacturing management, Cost management, Sales management...
The ERP package for the manufacturing, with customization, Sales, Implementation consulting and support service.
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AMMIC/Net series Product Diagram

AMMIC/Net series will seamlessly bind different systems such as Manufacturing management, Cost management, Sales management, Purchase management, which are mandatory for a manufacturing company. Coordinating not only its own factories but also vendors, it is the ERP package, which achieves the effectiveness for the entire manufacturing activity. High extensibility with multiple option modules is also one of AMMIC/Net series' characteristics. The effective ERP implementation is possible by selecting only the necessary functions. The system can be extend and improved for expansion of the business or factories, and its usability can be chosen flexibly.
Operational Application Development Framework  NetEAB(Enterprise Application BaseClass)
This is the advanced framework product (developed by AMMIC) to optimize ".NET Framework", which is Microsoft Windows’ runtime environment, to the business system.  By using the framework provided by the NetEAB, and the useful common functions, a highly flexible, reusable and effective system development becomes possible, and allows you to concentrate on the business process.